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Smart Driver


● Can be dimmed by Bluetooth device or 0~10V signal, no need extra set;

● High efficiency and high PF, flicker-free;

● With two gangs toggle switch can get four different currents output;

● Input wire can be chain-linked.

Product Description

Technical Data

Smart driverInput Vol.Input Freq.SwitchOutput Cur.Output Vol.PowerDim Func.F. F.Input range
Small Size100-240V50/60HzOFFOFF240mA36V9WBLE & 0~10V<20%180-260V
100-240V50/60HzOFFON300mA36V12WBLE & 0~10V<20%180-260V
100-240V50/60HzONOFF360mA36V15WBLE & 0~10V<20%180-260V
100-240V50/60HzONON420mA36V18WBLE & 0~10V<20%180-260V
Middle Size100-240V50/60HzOFFOFF500mA36V20WBLE & 0~10V<20%180-260V
100-240V50/60HzOFFON600mA36V24WBLE & 0~10V<20%180-260V
100-240V50/60HzONOFF700mA36V28WBLE & 0~10V<20%180-260V
100-240V50/60HzONON800mA36V32WBLE & 0~10V<20%180-260V
Big  Size100-240V50/60HzOFFOFF900mA36V36WBLE & 0~10V<20%180-260V
100-240V50/60HzOFFON1000mA36V40WBLE & 0~10V<20%180-260V
100-240V50/60HzONOFF1100mA36V44WBLE & 0~10V<20%180-260V
100-240V50/60HzONON1200mA36V48WBLE & 0~10V<20%180-260V
Smart Driver
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