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WIfi+FR Dimmer

Product Description

● R03003-200WRF is a WIFI and RF controllable dimmer switch. It's a trailing-edge dimmer for the operation of incandescent lamps, HV halogens, dimmable LED lamps and dimmable LED control gear.

● R03003-200WRF can be installed behind a traditional wall switch, inside a luminaire or into a ceiling outlet box. A maximum allows ambient temperature must be observed.

● R03003-200WRF can be controlled with Tuya APP/Smartlife or customized customers' own APP. Tuya APP is available for IOS and Android devices, as well as with traditional wall switches. The Tuya APP can be downloaded free of charge from the APPLE APP or Google Play Store.

● Multiway control, with electronic short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection,  over-load protection, and over-current protection.

● Tuya APP, but APP can be customized. Voice control supports Alexa and Google Assistant.

Technical data

Wireless control:433MHz RF or 2.4GHz Wifi
Control distance:25m by FR ; 10m by WIFI(indoor)

Voltage range:200-240VAC
Max.mains current:1.2V
No-load standby power:0.4W

Dimming method:Trailing-edge phase control
Max.output power:200VA @ 230V
Max.output current:1.2V
Min.load requirement:3W
Dimming range:1-97%

Operating conditions:
Ambient Temperature, ta:'-20...+45°C
Max. case temperature, tc:'+75°C
Storage temperature:25...+75°C
Max. relative humidity:0...80%, non-cond.

Mechanical data
Dimensions:52 *47*16mm
Degree of protection:IP20 ( indoor use only)

Dimension (Unit: mm)

WIfi FR Dimmer

Wire Connection

● Use common push-button

WIfi FR Dimmer

● With RF push-button control or WIFI control or inside a luminaire

WIfi FR Dimmer

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