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Equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities and experienced staff, MerrySun focus on quality control throughout the whole process of manufacturing. And it’s manufacture platform is a ISO9001, BRC, BSCI certified factory.

MerrySun grants a warranty for all products it sells.

Some of the luminaires we provide, the warranty is different. But we promise a at least  2 years warranty.

The condition for warranty compensation is that

The defect is due to a material or manufacturing defect in the product

The product has been installed and used in accordance with the instructions

The defect has been complained about immediately

Upon request, the defective product will be returned to MerrySun for inspection

The warranty does not cover indirect damage that may be caused by a defective product!


MerrySun is a new brand. But is has a R&D team in electronic development for more than 15 years. Life is not easy, but MerrySun will strive to provide people with simple and high-quality products to make life more convenient and comfortable.


1MerrySun provides OEM services for existing products. If you like MrrySun's products, you are welcome to use your brand to promote. MerrySun will support you with the best product quality and production services.

2MerrySun provides new product development services. If you have creative ideas based on the existing products, MerrySun will follow the wishes of customers to develop new functions and new appearance, because MerrySun has an excellent R&D team with the most creative ideas.

3MerrySun provides free software APP development services. Since it is an smart product, the intelligent terminal APP platform is indispensable. In addition to recommending basic TUYA APP to customers, MerrySun is also willing to build customized APP platforms with customers' enterprise characteristics for free, and establish customers' own intelligent product system.

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