What are the Highlights of Smart Lighting?

May. 10, 2021

As an RF Dimmer Supplier, share with you.

US Bluetooth WIFI Dimmer

US Bluetooth WIFI Dimmer

1. Being able to link with door locks is the highlight of smart homes now. "My door lock will turn on the light" can become a touching slogan in the future. If you don’t have a thorough understanding of this function, you can read it first. Look at some scenes. In fact, if the scene is enough to impress you, you can still install it, because this feature is indeed something that needs to be paid attention to in the current intelligent family.

2. The induction lighting is very popular nowadays, because when we wake up at night or go home at night, the lights are all black. When we can't see our fingers, we have to look for the switch everywhere. The product will not have such a worry at all, because as long as it senses your presence, the light can be turned on, and when you walk over, the light can be automatically turned off. It is definitely a very comfortable function.

3. Voice control of the lighting status of each room, no matter where you are, you can control it; this function is specially prepared for the "forgetful" crowd, we often turn around and forget one thing, and now, we just You can check the status with your mobile phone. Even if you go out in a hurry, you are not afraid at all.

4. Scene preset mode: It will add some highlights to your boring life. This is more applicable to offices, because we can set office lighting and meeting room lighting in advance. When the morning meeting starts, the office lights are turned off and the meeting room lights are turned on. This way, we can participate in the morning meeting on time every day, giving a more efficient office environment.

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