What are the Components of the Dimmer?

Mar. 17, 2021

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The commonly used thyristor dimmer consists of the main circuit, a trigger circuit, a control circuit, and a feedback system (Figure 1), and is suitable for dimming thermal radiation light sources.

The main circuit

It is composed of two-way or one-way anti-parallel SCR connected in series in the light source circuit. After the input is an AC sine wave, the output through the thyristor is a sine wave with missing angle and phase shift. It can be seen from Figure 2 that the waveform must contain high-order harmonics, which will cause radio interference; secondly, the effective value of its output voltage has a nonlinear relationship with the conduction angle.

US Bluetooth WIFI Dimmer

US Bluetooth WIFI Dimmer

Trigger circuit

There are many kinds of relaxation oscillators composed of semiconductor discrete components and monolithic integrated triggers composed of trigger diodes. It must generate a trigger pulse that is synchronized with the phase shift conduction angle of the input voltage in each cycle, and has a certain trigger power to achieve the purpose of reliable triggering.

Control loop

In addition to the commonly used manual controls, there are multiple control trigger circuits such as photoelectric control, audio control, program control and feedback control.

Feedback system

In order to achieve the purpose of constant voltage, constant current, short circuit protection, etc., closed-loop protection measures are adopted to form a feedback system to meet different quality requirements.

Development trend: Most ordinary dimmers are only suitable for dimming of thermal radiation light sources. The structure of the dimmer for the gas discharge lamp is relatively complicated. Such as fluorescent lamp dimmer, adopt impedance variable circuit or change the input voltage and other methods to dimming, the dimming range is too small. If high-power transistors or field effect tubes are used, and electronic ballasts are used, the dimming performance of fluorescent lamps and other gas discharge lamps can be greatly improved, and their dimming range can be increased.

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