Intelligent Lighting Creates An Energy-Saving and Comfortable Living Environment

Mar. 02, 2021

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Intelligent lighting equipment can control the lighting according to outdoor light intensity and regional function, because the intelligent lighting equipment has a variety of built-in sensing elements and has the ability to detect and sense the on-site environment. The so-called environmental detection sensing means that it can detect the scene, state, and parameters of the real environment in which it is located, and perform sampling, comparison, and calculation, and finally simulate this environment. Intelligent lighting usually contains two important components: hardware and software. In actual applications, close integration of software and hardware is required to automatically and efficiently complete the predetermined goals or results.

Bluetooth RF Dimmer

Bluetooth RF Dimmer

Compared with traditional lighting, intelligent lighting uses advanced sensing technology to intelligently dim the lamps in the control area. When the outdoor light is strong, the indoor illuminance is automatically dimmed, and when the outdoor light is weak, the indoor illuminance is Automatically adjust the brightness, so that the indoor illuminance is always kept near a constant value, which can make full use of natural light to achieve the purpose of energy saving. In addition, different lighting scenes can be activated according to the law of lighting use, and the lights are not used at full capacity by dimming the lights, and good lighting effects can be achieved on the basis of substantial electricity savings.

With the continuous improvement of new technologies and the continuous decline of product costs, various new smart lighting products are gradually moving from concept to reality. Coupled with the development of smart phone APP, lighting intelligent applications are entering millions of households. For example, a series of intelligent lighting equipment such as wireless ambient light detectors, binding switches, dimmer switches, and color light bulb lamps of IoT sensing, do not need to open the wall during installation, and also have low power consumption and easy networking. Anti-interference and other advantages, coupled with the IoT sensor smart home mobile phone APP, users can realize intelligent control of lighting equipment anytime and anywhere, creating an energy-saving, comfortable and efficient living environment.

For users, practical and easy-to-use is the biggest advantage of IoT sensor intelligent lighting. IOT sensing intelligent lighting equipment has the functions of monitoring the surrounding ambient light intensity, adjusting the brightness and color of the light, linking the switch lights, setting different lighting scenes, etc., and can be remotely controlled anytime and anywhere via mobile phones, so it has been welcomed by many users.

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