What is the Difference Between Smart Lighting System and Traditional Lighting?

Feb. 18, 2021

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The use of intelligent lighting not only adds color to the space, but also brings more and more convenience and more scene experience to human beings. And can use natural resources more rationally.

The intelligent lighting system is a system for intelligent control and management of lighting. Compared with traditional lighting, it can realize the management of soft start, dimming,-key scene,-one remote control, and full on and off of partition lights, and it can be used Remote control, timing, centralized, remote and other control methods for intelligent

Control, so as to achieve the functions of energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and convenience.

Bluetooth RF Dimmer

Bluetooth RF Dimmer

Traditional lighting scene

When going out

I always wonder if I have turned off the lights after I leave home, and this emotion will increase with the longer I leave home.

Cold winter

Has been sealed in the bed, can't get out at all, don't want to get up and turn off the lights.

If you are timid, work too busy, get off work too late, and go home in the dark to find the switch at night, you will feel scared.


Turn on the lights in the dark when you wake up at night, and you need to switch on for a long time. People turn from the dark environment to the bright light instantly, which brings strong discomfort.

Hurt the eyes.

Changes in ambient light brought about by the weather and seasons, children go home from school to do their homework. At the beginning, the ambient light is sufficient and there is no need to turn on the lights. When the parents return home, they find that the ambient light has become very dark, and the child is engaged in the learning atmosphere Failure to turn on the light in time will bring bad consequences to the child's vision.

Between family members

Because of the lighting problem, it caused a war of words. The host needs a strong contrasting light environment, and the surname needs a warm and soft light environment.

Convenience provided by smart lighting system

1. Timing control

The timing function of the intelligent lighting system can be set to slowly turn on the lights in the bedroom to a suitable brightness at 7 o'clock in the evening; all lights will be automatically turned off at 11 o'clock in the night without you having to touch the switch. Especially for the elderly and children, turning off the lights regularly can not only protect eyesight, but also optimize sleep quality.

2. Remote control

When you forget to turn off the lights when you go out, you can remotely control through the APP to turn off the lights that you forgot to turn off after leaving home.

3. Mobile phone remote control

Hiding in the bed and don't want to get up, use the phone to turn on and off the lights to wake up the scene. Say goodbye to the cold winter, get up in bed and turn off the lights.

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