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  • EU Dimmer Insert MS-R03002

EU Dimmer Insert MS-R03002

● R03003-200W is a trailing-edge dimmer for the operation of incandescent lamps, HV halogens, dimmable LED lamps and dimmable LED control gear.

● R03003-200W can be installed behind a traditional wall switch, inside a luminaire or into a ceiling outlet box. Maximum allow ambient temperature must be observed.

● Multiway control, with electronic short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, over-load protection, and over-current protection.

Product Description

Technical Data

Voltage range:200-240VAC
Max.mains current:1.2V
No-load standby power:0.5W

Dimming method:Trailing-edge phase control
Max.output power:200VA @ 230V
Max.output current:1.2V
Min.load requirement:3W
Dimming range:1-97%

Operating conditions:
Ambient Temperature, ta:'-20...+45°C
Max. case temperature, tc:'+75°C
Storage temperature:25...+75°C
Max. relative humidity:0...80%, non-cond.

Mechanical data
Dimensions:45.5 *45.5*13.5mm
Degree of protection:IP20 ( indoor use only)

●D imension (Unit: mm)

EU Dimmer Insert MS-R03002

Wire Connection

1-Single way connection

EU Dimmer Insert MS-R03002

2-Two or multiple way connection

EU Dimmer Insert MS-R03002


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