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Foshan Merrysun Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us

MerrySun Tech

When night comes, all becomes mysterious. When lights begin to flicker, then the night becomes peaceful and beautiful. While the lights freely controlled in our hands, either bright or dark, on or off, everything becomes so dreamy and magical.

MerrySun has always dreamed of such magical power, so it devotes itself to developing various intelligent control products,

that users can freely control their surroundings and enjoy the convenient life brought by technology.

Research and development

MerrySun products

Waterproof Function

Emergency Power Function

MerrySun has developed dimmers with different schemes, such as PWM dimmer, 1-10V dimmer and Dali dimmer. Especially after launching smart dimmers, users can control the dimmer with terminal smart devices, and can also connect with GOOGLE HOME and YAMAZON ALEXA for voice control. Those smart dimmers are widely used in hotels, homes, offices and other places. At the same time, MerrySun has developed products with different characteristics for the market demand of different regions such as the United Kingdom, the European Union, North America and Southeast Asia. The products have CE/ERP, SAA/C-Tick,ETL/CETL/FCC/ES, PSE certified.

Besides dimmers, MerrySun also has smart lamps, smart sockets, smart power supplies and other smart products. Especially for smart lamps, in order to meet the different needs of customers, MerrySun provides users with selective scheme services, such as intelligent modules of different schemes, waterproof and fire prevention functions, emergency power functions, different dimming methods, etc., The pursuit of extreme technological experience and exquisite fashion appearance drives MerrySun to constantly surpass and innovate.

Foshan Merrysun Technology Co., Ltd.

PWM dimmer

Smart Sockets

1-10V dimmer

Smart Power Supplies

Dali dimmer

Other Smart Products.

smart lamps

MerrySun services


MerrySun provides OEM services for existing products. If you like MrrySun's products, you are welcome to use your brand to promote. MerrySun will support you with the best product quality and production services.


MerrySun provides new product development services. If you have creative ideas based on the existing products, MerrySun will follow the wishes of customers to develop new functions and new appearance, because MerrySun has an excellent R&D team with the most creative ideas.

03Foshan Merrysun Technology Co., Ltd.

MerrySun provides free software APP development services. Since it is an smart product, the intelligent terminal APP platform is indispensable. In addition to recommending basic TUYA APP to customers, MerrySun is also willing to build customized APP platforms with customers' enterprise characteristics for free, and establish customers' own intelligent product system.


MerrySun provides quality product assurance. From development and production, MerrySun’s  products go through a complex audit and inspection process, high and low temperature test, reliability test, surging test, drop and vibration test, etc., These long and complex tests ensure products are safe and stable during consumer using. They are like MerrySun's children. MerrySun nurtured them with deep love and sincerely gives them to customers, hoping they can bring warmth and convenience to people.

For cooperation, MerrySun is sincere. For service, MerrySun is serious. If you choose MerrySun, please trust it!

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